Thanks so much for doing this creativity course.

What is Your Creative Sparkle? It is artful disruption, where you artfully craft your own unique memoir.

For those wanting some creative sparkle, in the start of these wintry months, I am very excited to be able to offer you a place on the pilot of Your Creative Sparkle Autumn 2021. There are only 6 places on the course, and not all places are left. It’s a small investment from you in fees and in time – £195, but you’ll see it’s good value and money well spent.

You will be led through an artfully disruptive process of creative stimuli, to help you craft your life (or your story world) in a super personal creative memoir in three months. Disruptive in the sense that it might shift something that’s got stuck, or open up new ways of seeing things, but in a supported way.

Why do Your Creative Sparkle? 
1. You’ll get an inventory of your life, or the life/story world of your characters
2. You’ll explore through the gentle soothing medium of the letter using unique methods
3. This is a guided journey of self-care, a safe held place to explore your own direction
4. Access to daily content to inspire – from videos, meditations and audio files and images

You will also get:
1. Membership to the Your Creative Sparkle tribe, including zooms every fortnight so you have the opportunity to share your journey with others if you wish.
2. Comfort and satisfaction knowing this is an embodied, environmentally friendly activity – good for you, good for the planet.
3. Your money back if you don’t find it’s working for you after you’ve completed 21 days.
4. Material to use in other parts of your life
Plus much more….

This is the culmination of many years of thoughtful working with letters and discovering the healing power of creative writing, and listening hard. The course has not been not funded, it’s a private endeavour, because I believe so much in it. Often publicity funded courses start and stop before you get into them deeply. This is an opportunity to go deeper and for an extended period of time.

How much does Your Creative Sparkle cost? For a short period of time, we are offering the course at a special rate for £195, less than a cup of coffee each day. After this point the price will double. And because I am so excited about the idea of you doing this, if you come with a friend, I will offer the course for an additional discount (£360 for two of you).
As an extra for Autumn, I’m also offering a 30 minute one to one mentoring phone call with me within the first few weeks of you starting. – worth £75.

If this is for you, starting November 14th, book in now to secure your place. No problem if it’s not the thing you need just now, I just want to make sure you don’t miss out, and of course it would be an honour to have you there.

Any questions? Find out more? I love your questions – email me back.
Sign up here! https://2buproductions.org/courses/season-1-your-creative-sparkle/

Warmest wishes,