Dr Barny Hole

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I am a kidney doctor and am studying for a PhD. My research looks at how older people with kidney failure decide between dialysis (a kidney machine) and comprehensive conservative care (treatment of symptoms, social and psychological problems without dialysis).

Every day in the UK ten people older than 65 develop kidney failure. The ‘right’ treatment depends upon what is most important to an individual. Little research is available looking at what older patients with kidney disease want and what is important to them. We know they experience uncertainty when making up their minds. They can feel pressurised to start dialysis and those receiving it can regret starting.

I am currently running the UNPACK study, which will improve our understanding of how people make these decisions. It will help us to support them better and develop systems that better meet their needs. The study arose from my experiences caring for older people with kidney disease. I have treated hundreds of families approaching kidney failure. Research to improve care for people like them is vital.