Bring Research to Life

Writing and performing fictional scripts, based on research, helps take ideas and complex concepts to a public audience.

News off the press for March 2020… ‘Out Like Fudge’ will be translated and performed in Denmark! Out Life Fudge is a short play/vignette, which was shown at a nephrology conference last December, was seen by a Danish nephrologist, who will translate it for her conference. I’ve been invited so will be introducing and watching my first play translated into Danish.

Described as ‘Hard hitting’, ‘Out Like Fudge’ is one of two short plays I’ve written in Autumn 2019, based on patients, and much of it is verbatim. Fudge is a pet who died quite suddenly: our character Jo would like to leave the earth in a similar way.

Rehearsing Out Life Fudge in the Wills Building, Bristol: Chris, Jo and Bede.

Clinician Barny Hole of Bristol University asked me to write and direct it and it’s been fun working together. The dark humour in the piece as well as the will to bring written research to life, keeps us buoyant, and wanting to do more with this material.

We’ve performed it on two occasions, enabling both a PPI group, then clinicians and conference delegates at #dialysisbalance to reflect, and consider dilemmas about medical procedures from the point of view of a patient. Thanks to Jo, Karen, @ChrisPirie and Bede for their sensitive script-reading skills #dialysisbalance #bringresearchtolife #elizabethbackwellinstitute funded.

Feedback after December dialysis conference:

“I thought it was very well done, and I liked that the actors spoke the words from interviews – it was a clever idea”

“The words were impactful and very sad”

“I do like different ways of communicating messages this certainly got across some key points form real life experiences”

“The revelation that all the words came from real people facing ESKD decisions was powerful”

“very involved. Has left a significant mark on me as to how many patients must feel when they are told dialysis is required”

“So powerful”

“Slightly shocked by some of the language – it is hard-hitting but a really good way of getting insight through drama”

“ I’m a GP… it was thought provoking, challenging of traditional approaches both in care but also conference content. I really valued that”