The Owl

Mmm, a whole mouse for tea! Most owls would be delighted but poor Barley the barn owl is afraid of mice and often goes hungry. Being scared of a mouse is the last thing that an owl needs, but help comes from a most unexpected friend.

In this solo show Paul Bradley is composer, narrator, singer, actor and musician; weaving Barley’s story with the help of his original musical settings of ‘The Tyger’, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ and other classic poems.

Performed by Paul Bradley

Written and Directed by Elspeth Penny

Developed in association with Bristol Ferment at Bristol Old Vic. Also performed at St. George’s Brandon Hill, Bristol to full houses and festivals around the UK. The shows were accompanied by a dance workshop where children moved their way through Stephenson’s ‘Where go the boats’ and other poems.

“It was a truly lovely show by truly lovely people, thank you again for bringing it to St George’s and our young audiences.  I put your CD on when we got home, and my daughter spent a further blissful half hour or so dancing and singing along.” St George’s.