How to be beautiful: a graphic novel

Showing my work at the Laydeez do Comics meeting in Bristol, October 2019.

I am usually credited as writer or director, not ever as visual artist or illustrator so I felt humbled when this cosy room of around 35 visual artists at Stokes Croft, Bristol, said nice things to me about the visuals of my graphic novel in progress. Perhaps I might be doing something ok to conjure up all the emotions people mentioned they’d felt. The work is about truth, beauty and stories and is over 300 pages at present. I’ve been mentored by graphic novelist Rachael Ball – a very helpful process in itself – and also attended a Laydeez do Comics residential course earlier this year (top nourishment). Thank you to @Thehappybookco who created the image of me whilst I spoke.

“I really liked the honesty of your presentation and of your book, I found them inspirational”. (Audience member)

“Her new Graphic Novel “How to be Beautiful” is an intriguing conversation between Old and Young Elspeth, made in a raw and honest collage style (gonna be getting my mags and scissors out!)… (The Happy Book Company)