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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Hello a huge welcome to you!

Are you going through a transition or time of change or would you like to? Are you someone who doesn’t put you at the centre of your life? Do you feel weary at times or even all the time? Do you want to be more creative? If this is the case, you’re not alone, and you need something just for you. Most importantly, you need Your Creative Sparkle Season 1.

We’re living in tricky times. The stresses of Covid-19, political, environmental and economic upheaval can easily create toxic stress. As a consequence, we can unravel, and how then do we look after ourselves and the people around us? We need to look after ourselves daily.

What is Your Creative Sparkle Season 1?

Your Creative Sparkle Season 1 uses a gentle traditional medium – the letter – and reinvents it to create a diary, a series of episodes or series of visual poems to form the story of your life. This story may be comforting, it may bite at times or make you laugh.

This is a guided journey of self-care, hope, nourishment and a safe place to explore your own direction, your artistry and where you sit in the world right now. Your Creative Sparkle is a forum for creativity and curiosity, for art and creative writing. The whole course could be seen as a love letter to the self.

How does Your Creative Sparkle work?

Firstly, this is a three-month course which you can do in your own time. You have all the structure you need here. Within this you can be as free as you like.

Secondly, you need to commit only 10 minutes to 40 minutes a day to activities, whatever works for you.

Thirdly, it’s a guided creative process, with video, illustrations, audio, specially composed music and text to inspire – these are your your daily Sparkles.

Fourthly, you will be invited to do 6 modules over 3 months. That’s 3 months journey into creativity, discovery and transition.

Fifthly, you will make a collection of over fifty Creative Sparkle letters which you will curate into your own book or folio. Moreover, this can be shared, kept as a private collection or thrown to the wind and disposed of if you don’t want to keep a record of your work.

You will always have the gained experience and self knowledge and the sheer enjoyment of it all, to nourish your life going forwards.

Finally, you can share posts, observations and your work with others if you’d like to, on our Facebook page, so this can also be a shared journey, or a private endeavour, whatever feels right to you.

What now? Once you’ve signed up you can go straight in and begin Module 1.

Who facilitates the course?

My name is Elspeth Penny. I am a mixed media Writer and Director, working in theatre, film, tv, short story and podcast.

Working with senior academics and clinicians, I use or create original research and develop it into narratives for participants or for audiences. In addition, I’m an innovative Arts&Health workshop creator and leader in the Arts&Health field of therapeutic letter writing. In particular, I’ve a particular interest in the ‘little whispers’ of unheard voices. I am Director of a creative agency called 2BU Productions Ltd. A Cambridge University degree in Anthropology and Theology, followed by an MA in Theatre Directing/Script Writing from UEA .

Why I am sharing this work?

It’s a big privilege to be sharing a sparkly selection of what I’ve learned with you right here in Your Creative Sparkle. I normally work with small groups of people, in person, and because I see participants (and their families and friends) reap the benefits, I want to share these methods far and wide.

Through Your Creative Sparkle, you can discover a fertile vein of storytelling and artistry, personal to you.

What are you waiting for?

How much does Your Creative Sparkle cost?

For a short period of time, until February 28th 2021, you can do this three month course for the special offer price of £195. After this point the price will increase. Book in now to secure your place!

If you’d like to see more details, please see this blog post:

And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?

Raymond Carver

Overview of modules: • Module 1: There are 14 days of activities in this module. We’ll be looking at your roots, at foundations… the landscape you live in now. We’ll be making a safe and nurturing place for you to explore and work. • Module 2: Here we start looking at ourselves in all the ages we’ve been and seen and that we are going on towards. We’ll get going on our letter writing and making, one every day. • Module 3: This is about identity, place, looking at where you’re from and where you’re going. Looking at a loss and gain from age 18 onwards. Life defining moments and places. Transformational events. It’s about grief, but also welcoming in the new. • Module 4: My getting older self, whether you’ve reached these ages or not. More change, enjoying the process. Disruption, mid-life change, descent. The Elder as guide, our strength, the planet’s hope. A look at restlessness, recklessness and rebelliousness and being compelled. • Module 5: Transition. What next? What does hope look like for you? Making a relationship with a bit of land or a site. Surrendering to the flow. • Module 6: Release. Stronger better roots, a story from where you live. What you need, as oppose to what you want, have a passion for. Befriending demons. Making a book….. or handmade version of this!