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A course for children and adults: Write Without Rules. Family space to breathe. Guide age 10-12, and led by inspirational Writer and Director Elspeth Penny, the leader in creative letter writing.

A big welcome! It’s great to see you here, and I’m delighted that you’ve discovered this course for children and adults: Write Without Rules.

Let yourself and your children get inspired by unusual pens, home-made inks, and well tried and tested exercises. Give letter writing, writing and creative expression a new twist. Write Without Rules is an online course in thoughtful creative letter writing that you can delight in doing with your kids. Enrichen your connection together, and create a shared experience. The end result is a series of letters for a time capsule, and lots of shared stories.

We’re in a challenging time. Disrupted schooling and isolation is common. So we need to find all the rooting and stability inside ourselves and the means to reflect in positive ways. Because of this disruption, this is the first time I am sharing this work as an online course. And I’d like to reach as many young people as possible, so if you know someone who’d like to do it, but can’t afford the fee, please get in touch. This course introduces a creative method and tools to help you and the children in your care get grounded and express themselves. Although it’s not therapy, it may have therapeutic effects.

This method has been successfully used in a major academic research study and for over five years in workshops, for all ages and levels of ability around the UK. It can be done in your own time and is exceptional good value. So sign up now!

About Elspeth Penny

I am a mixed media Writer and Director, working in theatre, film, tv, short story and podcast.

In addition, I am Director of a creative agency called 2BU Productions Ltd. Working with senior academics and clinicians, I use or create original research and develop it into narratives for participants or for audiences. I’m also an innovative Arts&Health workshop creator and leader in the Arts&Health field of therapeutic letter writing – with a particular interest in the ‘little whispers’ of unheard voices. An experienced creative tutor and workshop leader of children and adults, I have Enhanced Disclosure and Advanced Safeguarding for Children Level 2. A Cambridge University degree in Anthropology and Theology, followed by an MA in Theatre Directing/Script Writing from UEA informs all my work.

You’re in expert hands….

How do I enroll?

Click on Write Without Rules above. Then go to ‘login to enrol’ and register your username and email address. The cost, for a limited time, is only £10, for ten days of workshops, each which can last from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Amazing value!

You’ll receive an email where you can reset the password. Then login to get started. The process is subtle and sensitive, but is powerful if you keep going and take part as fully as you can. Participants who have done these exercises feel able to express in ways they hadn’t imagined. And feel heard by themselves and others when shared in a group.

As you go through the course, click ‘mark as complete’ after a lesson. Keep with it, make a regular time slot to do it if that helps, then go onto the next one when you’re ready.

I can’t wait to see how you get on.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to read more about how this course for children and adults, Write Without Rules, has come about, read this blog post:

And here is where it all started – my Tedx talk about letter writing…