Strategic Communications Specialist, Leadership and Management Consultancy

At 2BU Productions, we have more than 30 years of experience working in the public and private sector, in delivering strategic commercial communications, of working in leadership and management strategic change, specialising in communications to help business’ and individuals create a clear and concise message and build strong relationships with their team. Specialising in the arts, academia and the medical sectors, we support individuals and businesses in the area of sustainable growth, confidence building, resilience and conflict resolution.

We deliver and communicate through a number of mediums – for example face to face, classroom based, presentation and workshops. Our delivery of work can be tailored or aligned to the goals and objectives of your organisation. We also invite participants to build on existing skills and embed learnings into practice to bring about lasting, tangible results.

We are a collaborating team of associates working to deliver leadership and management training for businesses with an excess of 100 employees and offers leadership and management for accredited and qualified courses.

Feedback on our workshops

Lunchtime at The SAS conference, Plymouth, 2016.. Smeaton's Tower on the Hoe.