A new artist forum for 2BU

This is the plan for January 2022: at 2BU Productions, we are devising and exploring three different play ideas, then exploring in a few days of rehearsal with three performers (two actors and a composer), and looking to take one forward to podcast production.

For our first two days of work together we’ll have these people in the room – Elspeth Penny, Chris Pirie, Kirsty Cox and composer Matthew Sheeran. We may have a couple of extra creative people or expert eyes, yet to be confirmed.

All of our projects at 2BU Productions fit our objective of empowering and amplifying the voices of marginalised people with lived experience (often of long-term health conditions) to take agency over their own health journey. At 2BU Productions, we do this by making conversation-starting, funny, affecting pieces of art – and in this case through podcast.

As a creative team, we will explore and sketch out some ideas. This is about pure creativity, so of course needs to have the freedom to go in the direction it needs to. 

After an initial two days of improvising and exploration in January, we will work for a further day, including a scratch performance of ideas to a small limited audience. Then we will complete a reading of the chosen play, scripted by Elspeth, to a small audience online on April 26th.

We will be rehearsing for two days at The Island , which has generously given us use of the space for a small fee.

To hear our 2021 podcast drama, which is shortlisted for a Best Actress BBC Audio Drama award: 

Silva Lining’s Care Plan https://elspeth4.podbean.com

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