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Thumb Pie is an interactive online navigation system, with particular focus on improving training in the medical sector. Our aim is to decrease training costs and improve time away from clinical settings. We are aware that there is a wealth of evidence that good communication improves patient outcomes, as well as contributing to a decrease in patient complaints and litigation for negligence – currently costing the NHS over 6% of its annual budget.  Do look at our trailer:

Elspeth Penny was a speaker, along with Professor David Radstone, at The Bristol Patient Safety Conference 2015 :

‘Thank you so much for doing the Breaking bad news talk at the conference with Professor Radstone. It was good to have a talk that made people reflect on what it might feel like to be the patient or the patient’s relative. The scene where Professor Radstone broke the bad news to you made many people feel quite emotional, me included.’ Katherine Dougherty, Organiser

Elspeth gave talks at two more conferences in summer 2015: The 4th Annual SAS Conference (Health Education South West) and Think about health

For Elspeth’s article about How to Break Bad News, please see

Elspeth has been employed by 6 South West medical schools for over ten years:

  • The Pensinsula Medical School, Exeter and Plymouth, working for ActorFactor and Peel Role-play
  • The University of Bath Pharmacy & Pharmacology department
  • The University of Bristol Medical School/ Centre for Academic Primary Care
  • Plymouth University Dental School
  • Musgrove Park Academy
  • University of Exeter Recruitment of doctors for GP Specialist Training.

Multiple examples of positive feedback eg:

‘Thank you for your professionalism, excellent role-play and feedback,’ Dr Andrew Tressider, Musgrove Park.

‘Your comments and feedback really was spot on and very useful,’ Exeter University 2nd year medical student.