Navmotion: How 2 Tell Your Story

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Whether you are a museum, a SSI, an educational institution, a public service or a brand, we can help bring life to what you want to say. 2BU are media professionals creating smarter solutions for telling stories.
We build narratives using our own interactive video platform which can be delivered both online and via an iPad. These can be for entertainment, education or for training.
Our witty engaging interactive video stories and guides use Navmotion, a superb state of the art clickable video tool developed by This cost-effective way of displaying a wider collection of material in an interactive format allows the viewer flexibility to move through the narrative in their own pace, order and according to their own interests. We can make full service clickable videos from £4,750.

The technology is fully supported from start to finish by experienced digital content makers with a track record of award-winning programme making and a passion for creating interactive narratives.